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A Step By Step Guide on Using Evernote Reminder


Evernote Reminder is the latest feature users have been waiting for a long time. Now, you can turn static notes into action items. It is easy to use this notification feature making Evernote one of the most successful applications for note taking and archiving purposes. In the past, you will find yourself going through your notes ever so often in order to make sure nothing is missed. Undeniably, this ‘Reminders’ feature will help to put your mind at ease and remember everything. If you are new to Evernote, this is an easy to follow guide to assist you in understanding how to use ‘Reminders’ on your iPhone.

The Home screen

Once you have downloaded Evernote from the Application Store, you will need to create a new user account. Follow the step by step instructions. After you have signed in, you will reach the ‘Home Screen’.

Name block

Create a new note

In order to create a new note, you will have to tap on the ‘Add New Note’ button from the Home Screen. A new page will pop up on your iPhone and type in the title as well as the body of your new note.

Shadow 1

After you have finished typing, all you need to do is tap on the ‘Close’ and you are done. Your new note will appear on your Home Screen under the section of ‘All Notes’.

Creating a reminder for one of your notes

After you have created a note, there is an icon in the shape of an alarm clock at the bottom right hand corner. Tap on it and a new dialogue box will pop up saying you have already added a reminder. By default, a reminder is automatically set for the next day at the same time.

shadow 2

However, you can choose to change the date and time you want to be reminded by tapping on the ‘Notify me’ button. This will bring you to a calendar page.


If you tap on the ‘Month’, it will redirect you to a new page where you can scroll up and down to choose the month you want to set your reminder.


Once you have chosen the desired month, tap on it and now, you can choose the date you want to be reminded.

By tapping on the date, you are lead to a new page where you can select the time for the reminder. There is certain restriction in the time setting. You can only set the reminder’s time by the hour (1PM, 2PM, 3PM) and each line is an added 15 minutes. With that said, this layout is more than enough to serve its intended purpose.

Evernote 6

Once you have selected the desired month, date and time, tap on the ‘Done’ button situated at the top right hand corner.

Now, at the bottom of the page, you will see the reminder has been set and highlighted. Tap on the ‘Close’ button to return to Home Screen.

shadow 3

You have successfully set a reminder to one of your notes.

Evermote 8

Creating a reminder from your ‘Home Screen’

You can also create a reminder from the ‘Home Screen’. Go to ‘All Notes’. Tap on the ‘Reminder’ icon that is shaped like an alarm clock. A new dialogue box will appear.

Evernote 9

On the right hand corner, there is an ‘Edit’ button. Tapping on this button will give you 2 options. You can either add a new reminder or edit your previous reminders. Choose the ‘add a new reminder’ bar and a new page will pop up.

Type in your notes and tap on the ‘Notify me’ icon that is situates at the left hand corner. This will bring you to the calendar page. Once you have selected the date and time, tap on the ‘Save’ button.

Evernote 10

On the ‘Home Screen’, you can see the new Reminder has been added.

Evernote 11

Marking / Deleting Reminders

There are 2 ways you can mark or delete Reminders on Evernote. First, you can do it from the ‘Edit’ option. Check the boxes of each reminder you want to stop and they will be crossed off.

Evernote 12

Secondly, you can do it from the ‘Home Screen’. All you have to do is locate the reminder you want to delete from Evernote and using your finger, give the card or snippet a slide with a left to right motion. This action will reveal 2 icons on the left of the card; an alarm clock and a trash bin.

Evernote 13

Tapping on the ‘alarm clock’ icon will give you 3 options. You can mark the reminder as done, clear the reminder or change the date. After you have marked or cleared the reminder, the ‘alarm clock’ icon is no longer highlighted. However, if you tap on the ‘trash bin’ icon, the reminder will be deleted permanently from Evernote.

Evernote 14

Sorting Reminders in Evernote

There are 3 ways you can sort your reminders in Evernote. You can do so by tapping on the ‘Alarm Clock’ icon from the Home Screen. A new dialogue box will appear with a small icon on the top left hand corner containing a picture of a clock and a calendar. Tap on this icon and you will see the 3 options; show upcoming, sort by date and recently completed.

Evernote 15

Other Resources

If you need assistance or have any questions, you can contact Evernote’s technical support team at:-

Or, you can join thousands of other Evernote users in a forum for discussion about the product:-

Or, you can read the Evernote’s blog page to get more ideas and information:-

Or, you can also watch a tutorial video on YouTube:-

Paltalk Messenger {Home / Windows Software / Communications / Chat}

Paltalk messenger is a form of chatting program. It combines all communications tools such as instant messaging, video chat, voice call and even, SMS into a single user interface.  In recent days, Paltalk messenger’s popularity among Internet users has been on an increasing momentum. It only fall short right behind Yahoo Messenger and mIRC. Therefore, this article is to give readers a brief review regarding this chatting software.

As with all creations, there are pros and cons with the Paltalk messenger. First of all, many users have commented that this is one of the more advanced chatting programs available on the Internet. It has a lot of features all fitted into a one page comprehensive user interface such as contact list, panels for chat room as well as SMS and phone. Therefore, users can do more with Paltalk without the need to use different applications or tools. However, the downside to this aspect is those who are not technology savvy may find this software to be a tad too confusing. Many users have also complaint that there are not many explanations given on the various drop down menus.

Apart from that, Paltalk is also free if users subscribe to the Basic version. Users get to enjoy five text messages and 100 minutes of voice call. However, in order to get more features, one will have to subscribe for other plans like Plus, Extreme or VIP. Although it is free, Paltalk is supported by advertisements. Therefore, banners that keep popping up on your windows can be interfering and irritating.

One of the main attractions of Paltalk messenger is the availability of different chat rooms that caters to various users. Besides allowing users to create their own chat rooms, it also allows non-subscribers, anyone outside from Paltalk community, to chat with the users. This feature is called the SuperIM. However, if you are a free user, video chatting is almost useless as there is not much that can be achieved without an upgrade. Nevertheless, users who have paid for a higher version will be able to enjoy video chatting with multiple participants using private message windows.

 All in all, Paltalk messenger prides itself on its ability to multitask using a single user interface. Its chat integration reigns supreme in comparison to other communications software. Unfortunately, Paltalk is designed specifically as a Windows software and only works on operating systems like Windows XP, 2003, Vista and 7. Besides using Paltalk messenger at home, many users have also gradually started using this for their businesses.

ObjectDock {Home / Windows Software / Desktop Enhancements / Desktop Customization}

ObjectDock is a form of desktop customization for users who are obsessed with how a Mac operating system looks like but prefers to use a Windows operating system. Basically, this application is made Windows software turns the style, organization and function to those that one can find on a Mac computer. This application will create a dock on your Windows machine. Users are able to choose shortcuts which they want in the form of animated icons. These shortcuts or icons will appear on the dock. The purpose of this dock is to replace the taskbar that one can generally find on a Windows machine. This paper will provide a brief review on this application.

ObjectDock is the brainchild of Stardock. Users who are interested can download this application from designated websites for free. Unfortunately, it works well on only three Windows operating system which are Windows XP, Vista and 7.  Nevertheless, many users have given this application rave reviews. Unlike many desktop enhancements on the Internet, ObjectDock is easy to install and set up. Apart from that, it does not take up a lot of space on your home computer. The instructions are clear making it an easy application to use. Besides that, users are also given the freedom to choose the number of items they want on the dock as well as where they want to position them. Sizes, colors and style are also adjustable per the user the interest. Another feature that has garnered many fans is the additional widgets that come together with ObjectDock. These so called ‘docklets’ give users an easy access to weather and time just to name a few.

Besides all the advantages, a number of users have also commented that this application tends to slow down your computer. There seems to be a possibility that when users install ObjectDock, they have also found unwanted adware and bugs. Due to this reason, users have also found this application not to be reliable and hard to uninstall. Several scans need to be done before all files connected to ObjectDock are removed. In a nutshell, this application receives more positive feedback. It is believed to be a good user desktop customization application with great user interface.

Any video converter {Home/Windows Software/Video Software/Video Converters}

With various videos one can find online, there are not many things that can’t be learnt from the Internet. However, these videos are available in various formats that may or may not be supported by the users’ computers. Aside from not being practical, it is almost impossible for users to download each and every single video software out there. Therefore, users can solve this dilemma by turning to video converters. One of the many reliable video converters on the Internet is known as the Any video converter. This article is to provide readers a review about this video converter.

Any video converter works well as a Windows software. If your home computer runs on Windows operating system such as Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7, this is a video converter that many users will recommend. Any video converter is a free video software. One of the main attractions of this video converter is its ability to convert a wide range of video formats like RM, RMVB, MOV, 3G2, MPEG-1, DVR-MS, MKV, DivX, WMV, FLV, AVI, MP4 and SWF. Besides that, users of Any video converter have also complimented on its converting speed and awesome video quality. Apart from that, it is able to convert video formats from portable devices such as Apple, Sony, Android and Microsoft products. Therefore, owners of an iPhone, iPad, iPod or PS3 have given this video software two thumb up. Not just that, Any video converter can also convert videos from YouTube and Google videos by copying the URL links. It is also an excellent DVD creator. Users can turn MPG videos into DVD. Not just that, this video converter also allows users to cut, trim and merge video clips into one. This feature, that has garnered rave reviews, enables users to create their own home video.

Unlike any other video converters out there, Any video converter is a video software that can do it all. Users are impressed by the multiple functions that this video converter has to offer. However, there is one drawback. Many users have complaint that the newer version of this video converter, 3.5.0 and 3.5.1, does not work well when it comes to converting YouTube videos. Therefore, it is advisable to stick to the older version before this glitch is fixed. Nevertheless, Any video converter is one of the best video converting software one can find. It is free and easy to use.