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Savings on your move

Picture courtesy of No Whoops Moving.

Moving from one place to another can be a financial burden to many people especially if you are moving out of the country. Therefore, you should find ways to safe as much as possible wherever you can. Before the actual moving date, everything should be planned out systematically including getting price quotations as well as an estimate on the moving expenses. Without a checklist and proper planning, you will be shocked when you received the moving bills. Since it is already going to be a stressful event, you definitely do not want any added anxiety during this time. This article is going to list down a few useful tips on how you can save money on your moving expenses.

First and foremost, you can cut down on the moving cost by using affordable packing supplies. There is a wide selection of cheap packing supplies on the market. You can always buy them online where the prices are more competitive or you can also try asking a friend who has recently moved for their boxes. If asking is too much, buy the boxes from your friend for a cheaper price. Besides that, you should also use your creativity to find alternatives for bubble wraps. One good idea is to replace them with newspapers, tissue paper or newsletter. For other packing supplies such as tapes, do not just drop by any stationary store and grab one. Shop around in order to find the cheapest deals. You can also use linens, rugs, and blankets for padding instead of buying them from the moving company. However, you may incur extra cost when you send them for dry cleaning. So, remember to add them into your expenses as well.

Next, you can save labor by hiring professional movers. Check with them whether they have an arrangement whereby you pack yourself and they deliver the goods to the new destination. The rule of the thumb is to shop around and compare prices. Due to the competition, moving companies such as Low Cost Moving do offer reasonable prices for their services. Sometimes, they can significantly reduce your moving cost if you do not rush them to deliver immediately. These moving companies will consolidate your items with another customer in order to save money. So, you can consider this option if you can live without your items for a while. Another option is to request help from friends and family members if you want to do the moving by yourself. With that said, their service should not come free. It is common courtesy to treat them to a meal after the moving is done. Plus, you may have to volunteer to help them the next time they are moving. Weigh out your options carefully before making up your mind.

If you are moving far away, you need to plan where you are going to stay overnight as well. Consider picking up your phone and call one of your friends or family members whether it is convenient to bunk over at their place for one night. This way you will save money on hotels as well. Apart from that, you should also plan ahead on who is going to watch over the kids or pets when you are moving. So, take some time off well ahead of your moving date and plan everything out. This will save you from a lot of last minute pressure. Happy moving!

Plastic Containers for Storage

There are many types of plastic containers for storage in the market and they are used for different purposes. Some are for storing shoes and clothes, while others are for stationaries and keeping food. Since there are so many different types and brands out there, how do you know which is the most suitable for your needs?

Perhaps, the most popularly known among all types of plastic containers for storage is the plastic bins storage. You can find them in many sizes and colors. These are the ones that you can stack them up to form something like drawers. For smaller bins, they are usually used on the office tables to store stationaries. Besides that, you can also use the larger bins to keep your clothes or even shoes. These bins are also popular among parents to have them as containers for their kids’ toys.

The next type of plastic containers for storage is normally used for packing or house moving. They are known as plastic tote storage. A plastic tote is a big plastic bin that usually comes with a latched lid. This makes them suitable to store your things away while you are relocating. Besides that, some of them are also equipped with wheels for mobility. Therefore, they are even used for shipping purposes.

Last but not least, food containers for storage are the main cause of concern for most consumers. As you know, these plastic containers for storage are made from a variety of chemicals. So, it is vital for you to have some basic knowledge regarding the codes that are printed on these products. The three safest labeling for storing food are the ones that are marked HDPE, LDPE and PP. These components do not discrete harmful chemicals onto your food and they are recyclable. PP containers are also commonly known to be microwave friendly.

There are many brands for these plastic containers for storage. Each of them is popular in their own way. Perhaps, Rubbermaid storage is more in demand when it comes to home organization like plastic bins and tote. Meanwhile, for the food industry, everyone is familiar with Tupperware storage. This article has only given you the basic information. Make sure you check out all the available types by visiting the nearest store.

Corrugated Cardboard Sheets

If you have ever received or send a package, you will know how corrugated cardboard sheets look like. It consists of a fluted corrugated sheet in between two flat linerboards. People use corrugated cardboard packaging for many reasons such as when they are moving and even for stationary purposes. Although they are more famously known in brown but nowadays, you can also find them in any assortments of color. For example, in offices, you can see many white corrugated cardboard sheets.

There are many reasons why corrugated cardboard sheets have slowly but steadily replace aluminum and metal for packaging. Firstly, you can buy cardboard sheets for packing away your stuff at a lower cost. Besides that, it is also safe for you as these boxes do not have sharp edges.  They are made from bio-degradable material like recycled paper and thus, making it environmental friendly. You do not have to worry about how and where you can dispose these cardboard sheets. Furthermore, you can paint or write on them making it easier for you to categorize your items while moving.

There are many types of corrugated cardboard sheets available on the market. First of all, you can find the single-wall board. It consists of a single layer of fluted sheet in between two linerboards. They are sturdy and commonly used for shipping purposes. The second type is single-face board. It only consists of a single ply of the fluted sheet. You can use them for packing light objects like peanuts. If you have just recently moved, you will be familiar with the next type. They are called as double-wall board. It has two layers of fluted sheets in between two linerboards. Moving companies use these to carry moderate heavy items. Finally, you can find the tri-wall board that comprises three layers of fluted sheets. It is used for heavy shipping.

These corrugated cardboard sheets also come in various versions. You can find the standard or RSC box. It is the classic container with 4 flaps at the top and bottom. Besides that, they have the custom die-cut that has a locked end folding lid. You also have the folder box specifically suited for packaging books. If you need to have additional padding or layer for protection, you can opt for pad sheets.

Besides all the different types of corrugated cardboard sheets and boxes, you should also be aware that they come in different sizes. Sometimes they are also available for free. To get more information, you can go to a vendor near you.