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College Books for Sale

There are many resources on the market where you can get college books for sale. As a student, paying for college textbooks can be a pain in the neck. You have to go through the same process every new semester. So, how and where can you find cheap college books? If you are adamant in finding one, the rule of the thumb is never limit your choices. Keep your eyes open for any opportunity that may slide your way.

When it comes to searching for college books for sale, most students will head to their college bookstores first. If you do not mind paying extra or you are in a hurry for the textbooks, this may be a convenient option. However, there are smarter options available that can save you loads of money like ETextbook. You can obtain a digital version of the textbooks that you need for about half of the full retail price. The only setback is you will have to read the book on your computer that may not be very comfortable. If you are interested in getting an ETextbook, you may want to try out websites such as

Another smart way to save some money on college books for sale is through rental. Nowadays, you can find many places that offer this service. The easiest place to get a textbook rental is from the college bookstore or library. Besides that, you can also obtain rental services through some online websites. One famous site for this is called They have a huge database for textbooks rental as well as a good reputation for supplying books that are in good condition. The shipping fees start at $3.99 and the returning fee is free.

Other than that, you can also find cheap college books for sale on the Internet. There are abundant of websites available for your picking. Due to competition, most of the online sites will drive down their prices to attract more customers. You can find new and used books for sale with amazing prices. If you are interested, you can try checking out websites like,, and However, there is a risk that you will not know the condition of the books which you are getting.

Aside from the suggestions given in this article, there are many other ways where you can get cheap college books for sale like putting up flyers or reading the campus newsletter. Just keep your mind open for fresh and creative ideas.

Used College Textbooks for Sale

Nowadays, used college textbooks for sale are a thriving industry. Although most students will love to own new textbooks but college life can be difficult at times. Some will have to survive through lots of scrimping and buying prescribed textbooks for every semester can be a heavy burden. Therefore, purchasing used textbooks is one of probable solutions to the money problem faced by college students

So, when it comes to buying used college textbooks for sale, there is a bountiful of options available to you online. If you are a first timer, it can be rather confusing in locating appropriate websites in order to prevent yourself from getting cheated or charged extra for shipping. Therefore, this article will try to highlight the pros and cons of a couple of websites. The first site is eBay. When you are looking for discounted items, this is the place that will pop into your mind. eBay is a good place to start your search on used college textbooks online as the competition among sellers will bring down the offering prices. However, you should pay attention to the quality of the textbooks as well as the shipping rates. Some sellers may lower down their bidding prices but cover it back through shipping charges.

Another place to look for used college textbooks for sale is This website is actually owned by eBay. Most of the books here have prices that are discounted more than 50%. However, problem arises when you are faced with scrupulous sellers that are ripping off your money for low quality college textbooks. One advantage of using this website is all buyers pay a flat shipping rate for their used textbooks for sale.

If you want a guarantee that you will be receiving at least a decent looking used college textbook, you may want to try out ECampus. They act as a middle man, buying used books from different individuals and putting them up for sale online. Besides searching for used college textbooks for sale on the Internet, you can also try looking for a bookstore near your vicinity. Being able to physically examine the books before the purchase is definitely a big plus. Furthermore, you can also save on the shipping charges and get the textbooks immediately.

Ultimately, it is your decision. Shopping for used college textbooks for sale online or at a bookstore can give you different advantages. So, keep your eyes sharp and choose wisely.

Cheap Textbooks for Sale

Life as a college student can be very expensive and it is a norm if you are looking for cheap textbooks for sale. There are various ways which you can save on some cash and still be able to own new textbooks. The problem with buying cheap used textbooks is you can never guarantee the quality of the books you are getting. Some of them even have lines or drawings all over the pages. This article will share some amazing places you can look for new textbooks at affordable prices.

So, where are the best places to search for cheap textbooks for sale? There is no other place that can give you competitive pricing but on the Internet. One amazing site to find cheap books is Amazon. You can find almost anything on this website and now, there is a dedicated page on Amazon for students to buy textbooks. If you are a student, you are even entitled for a free Amazon Prime membership. Amazon textbooks for sale are offered to you in a wide range of prices depending on the state of the books.

Another great website carrying cheap textbooks for sale you may want to look at is This online retailer store is owned by eBay. Their concept is similar to the predecessor where you can find a library of cheap textbooks for your pick. However, what sets them apart is the usage of a tool called Buying Wizard by By using Buying Wizard, it will search through its’ database to find the best prices for the textbooks which you are looking for as well as shipping charges. This will definitely help to save you a lot of precious time from searching for the best deal one by one.

Besides that, is also another fantastic website to find cheap textbooks for sale. Using an almost similar program like, their multi item price optimization search engine will scan through all the retailers and resellers in order to find you the best bargain. After you have finished using the textbooks, you can make use of the same program to resell them or you can choose to donate them to Better World Books to curb illiteracy in third world countries.

Other than the 3 websites mentioned above, there are many others pages which you can find cheap textbooks for sale. There is no harm in asking opinions from previous users. A smart buyer will never spend their money blindly.