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Sea Ray Boats for Sale

If you’re looking to buy a pleasure boat, you should consider Sea Ray boats for sale. They’re known worldwide as one of the oldest and largest company of boat builders. Therefore, quality and expertise workmanship are two areas you can be assured won’t be compromised. This article will provide you with some information regarding the different models of Sea Ray boats that are for sale.

Generally, Sea Ray boats for sale can be divided into 4 main categories. Probably, their number one seller is the sport boat models. You can find these beauties measuring from 17 to 30 feet. For 2011, they’ve released the Sports, Sundecks, Select and Select Ex models into this line. Whether it’s just for cruising along the beach or for water sports, this model offers you a cool ride which will be the talk of the town. Depending on the features and specs, a Sea Ray sport boat may cost you around $26,000.

The second model of Sea Ray boats for sale is the Sports Cruiser. This line of model measures from 27 to 37 feet. The Sports Cruiser is built for comfort and elegance. You can even customize the fabric and interior design of your new toy. Besides that, this model also comes equip with SmartCraft. It’s the latest technology in marine diagnostics. This machine that can carry up to a maximum of 8 persons will cost you about $50,000.

Next, the third largest model of Sea Ray boats for sale is the Sports Yachts. They measure from 38 to 51 feet. If you’re looking for a luxury way to sail the seas, this is the boat for you. With a wider body and an optional sport tower, the Sport Yacht will provide you a comfortable ride. Previous Sea Ray boats sale owner will be willing to sell you one of these for as low as $250,000 to about $350,000.

Finally, the biggest model of Sea Ray boats for sale is the Sea Ray yacht. This one of the kind boat measures from 52 to 61 feet. Despite the size, this is among one of the most popular boat line from Sea Ray. This comes as a no surprise as it’s not just a luxury liner but also come armed with the most advance technology.

The prices quoted in this article are just a rough estimation. You can visit any Sea Ray boat dealers to obtain more information regarding all the Sea Ray boats for sale.

Mastercraft Boats for Sale

If you are a junkie for a boat that can offer you speed and do tricks, then, you should be looking for Mastercraft boats for sale. This company is established since 1968 and currently, they are based in Vonore, Tennessee. After 40 years in the boating industry, it is no wonder that Mastercraft is the chosen brand when it comes to tournament ski boats, wakeboarding as well as powerboats.

So, what makes Mastercraft boats for sale so appealing to the general public? Well, they are the largest company in the world; selling ski boats, wakeboarding and powerboats to 30 different countries and with over 120 Mastercraft boat dealers. Amidst several negative issues, consumers can’t get enough of the Mastercraft boats. In 2009, Mastercraft boats bankruptcy news make headlines all over the world. With the trust from its vendors, the company jumps back on track. Bad luck has not totally evaded this boating company. Recently, on June 2011, Mastercraft is held liable in court for 80% of the responsibility in the tragic accident involving a young girl and their X45 for a design flaw.

Pushing all the negative reputation aside, Mastercraft is also the chosen company for many US national teams while going for competition and they have contributed their fair share in making world records. Perhaps, this is the reason that new and used Mastercraft boats for sale are still going strong. Besides that, they have also won numerous awards. To name a few, their ProStar 209 won the Towboat of the year award in 2001 and MariStar 280 was chosen to receive the Best boat of the year award in 2004. Furthermore, in 2010, Mastercraft received the NMMA Innovation award for its technology used in their X25.

You can find 5 different models of Mastercraft boats on sale. However, for each model, you can find a variety of versions with different specifications. They have the V models as ski boats, X models for the wakeboarding world, ProStar models for water skiing purposes, CSX is known as adventure boats and last but not least, the Mastercraft 300. This is the boat that is featured on the 2010 February issue of the MotorBoating magazine for winning the 2009 Best of the year award.

When it comes to buying any types of Mastercraft boats on sale, it is up to you as a consumer to know the safety, guidelines and features of your new toy. The most important thing is to widen your knowledge before contacting any boat dealers.

Grady White Boats for Sale

There is a never ending search on the Internet for Grady White boats for sale. Recently, this company has just celebrated its 50th anniversary. It is first established in 1959 by Glen Grady and Don White. After 10 years in the business of manufacturing wooden boats with frames and planking that are lifted into flared bows, their signature shape, the company is taken over by the Smith’s family until today. With 40 years of continuous ownership and dedication, it is no wonder they have built up quite a huge number of loyal followers.

So, what sets the Grady White boats for sale apart from the rest? Initially, they are known for manufacturing ski boats that caters to saltwater cruising. After the Smith’s took over, finally, they begin to produce boats using fiberglass. It is not until the mid-1980s that the company starts to concentrate on salt water fishing boats. The Sailfish which is one of their first Grady White fishing boats manage to wow the market. Ever since then, there is no turning back. Although they still retain a few of their ski boat models, the company is better known for its salt water fishing boats.

Therefore, if you are looking to buy a fishing boat, then, you have come to the right place. You can only find a few models of Grady White boats for sale. However, there are many versions from the same models. There is a reason behind the company’s decision of not wanting to manufacture more models. This is to ensure that all their boats are of the highest quality. There are 10 models altogether; Fisherman, Freedom, Adventure, Seafarer, Gulfstream, Journey, Canyon, Chesapeake, Marlin and Express.

There are many reasons why Grady White boats for sale are so popular among consumers. For one, they are really dedicated in keeping up their quality. The company even restrict the number of sales so that each customer will be given due attention. To back this up, Grady White has also received the NMMA CSI Award for top customer satisfaction nine times in a row. This goes without saying that you can expect the best from Grady White boat dealers in helping you to find the right boat. Besides that, these boats also have a higher resale value on the market.

Grady White Boats Inc. is a brand that will guarantee you satisfaction from the moment you choose to buy from them. Be sure to check out all the available Grady White boats for sale before making up your mind.

Commercial Fishing Boats for Sale

It does not matter whether you are new or an expert to the fishing industry, purchasing commercial fishing boats for sale is always a tricky business. There are many aspects to consider before you make your purchase. It involves more than just thinking about your budget or manufacturer. The commercial fishing vessels for sale that you wish to buy will also depend heavily on the type of fish you want to catch, the fishing method you are using as well as the geographical area that you are going to use it in.

Generally, commercial fishing boats for sale can be divided into 3 main categories. Each category will have different fishing gears, power as well as size. Therefore, it is not such a bad idea to improve your knowledge on this topic. The first category is called trawlers. They are known mainly to be used for catching big volumes of fish. These commercial boats for sale are very famous among fishermen as they can work very well in different kinds of weather and the trawls can be used either from mid-water or along the bottom.

The next category of commercial fishing boats for sale is seiners. This type of boats uses seine nets to capture schools of fish. If you are planning to catch fishes that are close to the surface such as sardines, mackerels, anchovies and herrings, this is the boat for you. The seine nets are attached with weight at the bottom edge and floats along the top. These nets will act like a fence as the boat makes a circle around the fishes. The interesting thing about these new or used commercial fishing boats for sale is different nations has their very own unique design of a seiner boat.

Finally, we have the line vessels. These commercial fishing boats for sale have a few advantages and one of them is the ability to operate with boats of any sizes. It all depends on how advance is the boat’s technology and the numbers of people operating it. Therefore, you have the freedom of deciding how big your crew is going to be. This type of boat operates using long, heavy fishing lines with baited hooks. They are often used for deep water fishing.

The information in this article has barely touched the surface on commercial fishing boats for sale. Knowledge is the key in making sure that you make the right decision. So, flick on your computer switch and start reading.

Boats for Sale in Texas

There are plenty of places where you can find boats for sale in Texas. If you are interested to buy a boat, you can either go to a boat trader in Texas or you can search from the various Internet sites where they list plenty of new or used boats for sale. Finding a trustworthy dealer or website can be a problem. However, this is not the only thing that you need to worry about. Owning a boat can be a worthwhile investment or a money pit if you do not know how to choose the right one for you.

You can find many different types of boats for sale in Texas. Let’s say your aim is to bring your family and friends out on the lake for a pleasure ride. You should think about getting one of those pontoon boats for sale in Texas. This boat is like a big flotation device that is able to carry a heavy load. It is usually powered by a motor but it can also be pull by another boat. Besides that, they are also cheaper to insure than other boats. These boats are meant to be used on calm water such as lakes or rivers.

However, if you are looking for a small boat that will cater to your passion for fishing, you should search for bass boats for sale in Texas. As the name suggested, these boats are excellent for bass or other pan fish fishing on lakes, rivers or streams. They are usually made from fiberglass and aluminum. The later type is cheaper and smaller in size. They are usually powered by two different motors. An outboard motor for moving the boat from one place to another and a trolling motor that moves the boat at a slower pace during fishing. These boats for sale in Texas are a hot snatch.

Love water sports? Wakeboard boats for sale in Texas are exactly right for you. They are V-drive boats design specifically to make larger and steeper wakes. Furthermore, the engine is placed at the rear to put more weight in the back of the boat to create this effect. One of the more prominent manufacturers for this kind of boats for sale in Texas is Mastercraft.

Above are a few examples of boats catering to different needs. Therefore, make sure you do a thorough research on all the various boats for sale in Texas before you take out a loan or write a check.