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What to do with old air mattresses

Have you been using your air mattress for a couple of years now and feel like it’s time for a change or do you simply just want to replace your existing air mattress with a trendier one? Whatever is your reason, do not just throw it into your garbage. Your air mattress will just end up in a land fill and it will take years before it gets decompose.

If you are a fan of Mother Nature, you will not want to do that. I wish someone could have told me about the information I’m about to share with you. About 2 years ago, I also face the same predicament of what I should do with my old air mattress. Here are some ideas:-

Recycle: Alright, the first thing you can do is to recycle your old air mattress. It is the right thing to do and of course, you will feel good about it. I couldn’t stress how important it is to preserve the Earth. With a growing population, we are using an increasing amount of resources and throwing away tons of garbage. Look at our landfills. You can get a rough idea of our current situation. Besides saving the environment, recycling your old air mattress can also earn you some money. However, before you decide to recycle it, make sure you call your local recycling center whether do they take in old air mattresses.

Sell it: The next thing you can do is to sell your old air mattress if it is still in a moderately good condition. Not many people can afford to buy a brand new air mattress. Although it may take some work, you can at least gain some money to purchase your new bedding. There are several options on how you can sell it. First of all, you can try putting it up on Craiglist and see whether there is any progress. Otherwise, you can try listing it in your local newspaper. If all that come to an end, then, you can have a garage sale.

Donate it: Well, what can be more generous than to donate your old air mattress? However, do make sure that it still can be used. I’ve donated mine to a homeless shelter and I know that it will be put into good use. Do you know that they will turn away homeless people if they don’t have enough beds to go around? So, it is a wise decision to donate it to charity and tonight, you can sleep soundly knowing that there is one less homeless person on the street.

Reuse it: Finally, you can put your creativity into motion. I know that one of my husband’s friends uses his old air mattress as a canvass to cover the back of his truck. It’s an excellent idea. Besides that, if your old air mattress comes with layers of foam, you can actually cut it out and use it to stuff new pillows or even bean bags. Your living room will look livelier with a new complimentary bean bag from your old air mattress.

How to insulate your air mattress against the cold

Air mattress can provide you with a lot of comfort in comparison to other types of bed and especially when you use it during a camping trip. Well, I, for one, will not be caught dead sleeping in one of those foam pads or thin sleeping bags. Sleeping on the cold hard ground and waking up with a stiff back is not an ideal way to start my day.

An air mattress is the best thing you can ever get to a comfortable sleep outdoors. However, there are a few disadvantages to the air mattress and one of it is the inability to stay warm in cold climate. Have you ever gone camping on a cold weather or to a high altitude sleeping on an air mattress? If your answer is yes, then, you will know what I mean. I hate the feeling of sleeping on a cold bed whether it’s at home or outside. No fear. There are a few ways to insulate your air mattress against the cold.

At home: During cold weather especially in winter, you may find that you are not too keen on getting onto your air mattress when it’s time to go to sleep. My husband will literally find excuses not to go to bed before I do so that I’ll get to warm it first. Finally when I caught on to his trick, I realize that I have to find a way to solve this problem.

One effective and easy way is to put a layer of foam on top of your air mattress. This will help to keep your body from directly touching the bed. In order to keep it in place, you can use a good cotton mattress cover over it. This way you will have dual layer of protection. Aside from that, if you are into vintage decoration, you can consider using a felt.

During camping: Well, as you know, it is more important to keep the air mattress or yourself warm especially when you are outdoors facing the forces of nature. The best air mattress to get for an outdoor activity will be a self-insulated one. The insulator will help to keep your bed warm. Besides that, you can also get a high density foam.

Do not use it to layer the bottom of your air mattress. It may keep your bed above the cold ground but cold air still can go into your air mattress through the sides. So, the best way is to use the high density foam on top of your bed to keep your body away from the cold air mattress.

Aside from that, there are many other materials that you can use to insulate your air mattress from the cold. The thumb rule is to put the extra layer on top of your air mattress. Of course, it also depends on what you have on your hands so that you don’t have to buy a new one. For example, you can use an old sleeping bag, blue camping mat and even one of those silver blankets that are used by emergency services to wrap people up after an accident to keep them warm. These are some ways which you can consider using the next time you feel adventurous.

Headboards for Queen Beds

A bed is the center of attraction in any bedroom. Therefore, it’s really important to choose a bed that complements the design of the room. The headboard of a bed is the thing that draws our attention to it. So, before you choose to purchase a queen bed, make sure you take into consideration the different types of headboard you want for your sleeping chamber. This article will help you to distinguish the four basic types of headboards for queen beds.

First of all, the wooden headboard is the most common. It may cost you a little bit more but it doesn’t need much care and it’ll last you for a long time. A wooden headboard is traditional and adds a vintage value to your bedroom. Furthermore, headboards made from wood will never exactly look the same due to the characteristics of the wood being used. Some good quality wooden headboards use oak, pine, ash and beech to name a few.

If you have wooden headboards, surely, you can find queen size headboards using metal or brass material. One good thing about metal or brass headboards is it can be shaped into various patterns or even just simple lines based on your needs. These patterns can definitely add some charm to a mundane bedroom. However, if you are a fan of watching the television or reading a book before sleeping, this is not the headboard for you. It is hard to lean against and causes backache.

The third material which you can find for a queen size headboard is leather. The usage of leather can contribute a contemporary and classy feel to your bedroom. No one will ever say that a leather headboard looks bad but you do need to know ways to take care of it so that the material will remain in good shape. If you don’t have the knowledge, you can try asking a local expert near you.

Finally, the upholstered headboard for queen beds is a growing popular choice among many consumers. An upholstered headboard is the chosen material due to several reasons. One, it is really comfortable for you to lean on. Two, it is really simple to upholstered any bed. Last but not least, an upholstered headboard can be added to an old bed to change the look of your bedroom.

There are plenty of choices for a queen size headboard in the market. Do consider the design of your bedroom before purchasing one.

Queen Metal Bed Frame

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After a long consideration, you’ve decided to get a queen metal bed frame or queen steel bed frame for your mattress. Choosing a particular bed frame can be an arduous task if you don’t know exactly what you want. Furthermore, it’s also confusing as there are so many choices on the market. Therefore, this article will help you to know more about what you need to look for before buying a queen metal bed frame and its advantages.

The first thing you need to look out before investing on a queen metal bed frame is the central support. This is important as a central support will ensure that the weight of the mattress is equally distributed on the queen metal bed frame. Due to that, your bed frame will be able to last you for a longer time and provide you with better comfort.

Next, you should also know that queen metal bed frame comes in different styles and number of feet. The standard number of feet for a queen metal bed frame is four but you can find more on the market nowadays. More feet will provide you with a bed frame that is sturdier. Besides that, you can also choose feet that come with wheels or carpet protectors. Both choices offer different function based on your needs.

Now that you know what you need to look out for in a queen metal bed frame, let’s move on to the advantages of owning one. According to queen bed frame reviews, metal bed frame has been increasingly popular in modern society. One reason is due to cost. Surprisingly, a queen metal bed frame can be very cheap in comparison to a wooden bed frame. Some may cost you not more than $60 to $200.

The second advantage is the portability of metal bed frames. Since some of them come with wheels, you can actually move it around whenever you want to. Furthermore, metal is light weight and it’s also possible for some models to be disassembled. This type of bed frame can help you to save up on space.

Unlike a wooden bed frame, a metal bed frame gives you the variety and convenience of attaching headboards as well as foot boards. The fluidity of metal allows it to be shaped into various designs to suit your needs. Therefore, with all these plus points, your choice of getting a queen metal bed frame is truly worthwhile.

Best mattress for back pain

Trying to find the best mattress for back pain? It is probably one of the most effective ways to help you get through sleepless nights of tossing and turning. This task is more difficult than you can expect. In order to choose the appropriate mattress, you will have to consider several aspects such as the type of mattress, materials used, brands, warranty and cost just to name a few. With that said, it is of the utmost importance that you have the necessary knowledge to guide you through this process.

According to mattress reviews, currently, the best mattress for back pain that you can find on the market is the foam mattress. Instead of using coils or spring, this type of mattress is constructed with layers of latex foam to help support your body and neck. It is effective because the mattress can contour to your body shape unlike the stiff conventional mattresses. If you are interested in buying a foam mattress, you should consider Tempur-Pedic. There are three types of mattresses in Tempur-Pedic back pain collection; the original, the Tempur HD and the Tempur ES Cloud.

Although Tempur-Pedic has been given rave reviews but it can be quite pricey. One of these mattresses can cost as much as $2300. If price is an important aspect in your search for the best mattress for back pain, you can consider other brands like Sealy. This brand is famous for a huge line of various mattresses. One of their more popular collections is the Sealy Posturepedic back pain mattress. It has edge support, FlameGuard Raton fiber and 10 inch thickness. With all these quality features, this mattress only cost about $540.

Besides that, Comfort Dreams is another brand that has one of the best mattresses for back pain. Their Select-A-Firmness memory foam mattress has received a general of 4 stars rating by consumers. The reason behind its success is due to the two different densities of the mattress for comfort as well as support. Other than that, you can also find this mattress in 3 different firmness level, soft, medium and firm, to cater to every individual’s needs.

In combating back pain, you should also be aware of your sleeping position. The most comfortable way of elevating the pain from your back is by sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees. You can also find out more information on where to find the best mattress for back pain on the Internet.

Pink and Black Bedding

Who will ever imagine that pink and black bedding can go so well together? Yes, it is the newest trend that appeals to teenagers and young adults especially females. These two colors add a sense of sophistication, funkiness and feminism to a dull bedroom. There are lots of options on the market when it comes to choosing your pink and black bedding sets. You can choose from a variety of patterns to jazz up your daughter’s room.

Nowadays, it is important to make your teenage daughter’s room as cool as it can be. Consider it as a long term investment. The nicer the room, you can expect them to spend more time at home. So, it all depends on your teen’s personality. Is she sweet, funky or gothic? You will be amaze at how much you can achieve by using pink and black bedding. The first step in decorating a room is to decide on the theme. Do you want pink with a little splash of black or do you want to go gothic?

You can create the desired effect through the various patterns that you can find from pink and black bedding. This trend has also caught up with baby beddings. For young infants, you can perhaps opt for polka dots. It is something that can survive through time. Besides that, it also creates some playfulness to the décor of your nursery room. You can also go for some abstract or flowery design for your pink and black crib bedding. It can be contemporary and some even reflect a Victorian age style.

As for teens, there are also plenty of patterns of pink and black bedding that will attract their attention. Some of the more practical design is the ones with stripes. It can complement almost any décor you already have in the room. A bedspread with hearts all around is such a sweet and cute design for girls. Now, for those adults who are young at heart, there are several patterns that will suit your taste. Pink and black zebra bedding is one good example. It just oozes with sophistication and ladylike. Other animal prints will also work well.

While buying pink and black bedding, it is better to make sure that the bedroom walls are painted white or in a soft pink. Just remember that too much of something is not good. Try checking out all the patterns online or at a retail store near you.

Baby Bedding for Girls

Welcoming a baby girl into this world is nothing short of excitement and the first step for parents is to prepare a nursery room. One of the most important aspects is finding the right baby bedding for girls. As parents, you want nothing but the best for your child. Considering that your baby girl will be spending a lot of time in her room, the baby bedding is of utmost importance.

It is easy to get confuse by the variety of baby bedding for girls available in the market. The first criterion in choosing the right baby crib bedding is for you to decide on the nursery theme. A nursery theme will ultimately set the mood and ambience of your baby’s room. There are plenty of nursery themes for girls that you can choose from insects and butterflies to a garden of flowers. Your creativity is the limit. Although you may not know what your baby girl’s personality is going to be, you can choose any theme that you want her to feel. For example, princess baby bedding sets will make her feel loved, cherished and pampered.

You can find many colors when it comes to baby bedding for girls. Usually, the stereotypical color to represent girls is pink. You can also consider other sweet colors like teals, greens, yellow or lavender. The rule of the thumb is to opt for brighter colors when it comes to baby bedding sets for girls. These bright colors will make the nursery room livelier. However, a more subtle color like brown will give a traditional feel and also produce a calming effect. So, in the end, it all depends on your preference.

Finally, you need to decide on the baby bedding for girls’ fabric. Generally, most of the materials are made from 100 percent cotton. It is rationally priced and very comfortable for the newborn. If you are willing to pay more, there are other luxurious materials like velvet, taffeta and silk. Pricier does not mean more comfort. So, make sure to test them out. It is also wise to choose a fabric that is durable and machine washable for your convenience.

While buying baby bedding for girls, do not let your emotion overtake you. It is very easy to be persuaded into buying something unnecessary and overly priced. You can find a good set from $50 to $200. Always have in mind that the best thing to give to your baby girl is lots of love.