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A Step By Step Guide on Using Evernote Reminder


Evernote Reminder is the latest feature users have been waiting for a long time. Now, you can turn static notes into action items. It is easy to use this notification feature making Evernote one of the most successful applications for note taking and archiving purposes. In the past, you will find yourself going through your notes ever so often in order to make sure nothing is missed. Undeniably, this ‘Reminders’ feature will help to put your mind at ease and remember everything. If you are new to Evernote, this is an easy to follow guide to assist you in understanding how to use ‘Reminders’ on your iPhone.

The Home screen

Once you have downloaded Evernote from the Application Store, you will need to create a new user account. Follow the step by step instructions. After you have signed in, you will reach the ‘Home Screen’.

Name block

Create a new note

In order to create a new note, you will have to tap on the ‘Add New Note’ button from the Home Screen. A new page will pop up on your iPhone and type in the title as well as the body of your new note.

Shadow 1

After you have finished typing, all you need to do is tap on the ‘Close’ and you are done. Your new note will appear on your Home Screen under the section of ‘All Notes’.

Creating a reminder for one of your notes

After you have created a note, there is an icon in the shape of an alarm clock at the bottom right hand corner. Tap on it and a new dialogue box will pop up saying you have already added a reminder. By default, a reminder is automatically set for the next day at the same time.

shadow 2

However, you can choose to change the date and time you want to be reminded by tapping on the ‘Notify me’ button. This will bring you to a calendar page.


If you tap on the ‘Month’, it will redirect you to a new page where you can scroll up and down to choose the month you want to set your reminder.


Once you have chosen the desired month, tap on it and now, you can choose the date you want to be reminded.

By tapping on the date, you are lead to a new page where you can select the time for the reminder. There is certain restriction in the time setting. You can only set the reminder’s time by the hour (1PM, 2PM, 3PM) and each line is an added 15 minutes. With that said, this layout is more than enough to serve its intended purpose.

Evernote 6

Once you have selected the desired month, date and time, tap on the ‘Done’ button situated at the top right hand corner.

Now, at the bottom of the page, you will see the reminder has been set and highlighted. Tap on the ‘Close’ button to return to Home Screen.

shadow 3

You have successfully set a reminder to one of your notes.

Evermote 8

Creating a reminder from your ‘Home Screen’

You can also create a reminder from the ‘Home Screen’. Go to ‘All Notes’. Tap on the ‘Reminder’ icon that is shaped like an alarm clock. A new dialogue box will appear.

Evernote 9

On the right hand corner, there is an ‘Edit’ button. Tapping on this button will give you 2 options. You can either add a new reminder or edit your previous reminders. Choose the ‘add a new reminder’ bar and a new page will pop up.

Type in your notes and tap on the ‘Notify me’ icon that is situates at the left hand corner. This will bring you to the calendar page. Once you have selected the date and time, tap on the ‘Save’ button.

Evernote 10

On the ‘Home Screen’, you can see the new Reminder has been added.

Evernote 11

Marking / Deleting Reminders

There are 2 ways you can mark or delete Reminders on Evernote. First, you can do it from the ‘Edit’ option. Check the boxes of each reminder you want to stop and they will be crossed off.

Evernote 12

Secondly, you can do it from the ‘Home Screen’. All you have to do is locate the reminder you want to delete from Evernote and using your finger, give the card or snippet a slide with a left to right motion. This action will reveal 2 icons on the left of the card; an alarm clock and a trash bin.

Evernote 13

Tapping on the ‘alarm clock’ icon will give you 3 options. You can mark the reminder as done, clear the reminder or change the date. After you have marked or cleared the reminder, the ‘alarm clock’ icon is no longer highlighted. However, if you tap on the ‘trash bin’ icon, the reminder will be deleted permanently from Evernote.

Evernote 14

Sorting Reminders in Evernote

There are 3 ways you can sort your reminders in Evernote. You can do so by tapping on the ‘Alarm Clock’ icon from the Home Screen. A new dialogue box will appear with a small icon on the top left hand corner containing a picture of a clock and a calendar. Tap on this icon and you will see the 3 options; show upcoming, sort by date and recently completed.

Evernote 15

Other Resources

If you need assistance or have any questions, you can contact Evernote’s technical support team at:-

Or, you can join thousands of other Evernote users in a forum for discussion about the product:-

Or, you can read the Evernote’s blog page to get more ideas and information:-

Or, you can also watch a tutorial video on YouTube:-

Miley Cyrus debuting her new single; ‘We Can’t Stop’.

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If you do not already know, Miley Cyrus has just launched her newest single, ‘We Can’t Stop’, yesterday morning. Have you watched the music video yet? Scroll down to the end of the page to view it. To say the least, it is very raunchy and provocative. Obviously, I am not a big fan of the music video. Why do most Disney’s starlets start out to be so vivacious and innocent but later on, turn to sex appeal for fame? If this is any indication, I have a feeling Miley Cyrus is trying too hard to prove that she has grown up and desperately wanting to escape her Disney image.

Throughout the years, I have nothing against the ‘Hannah Montana’ rise-to-fame actress and respected her vocal ability in ‘The Climb’. When she transition into funkier music like ‘Party in the USA’ and ‘A Fly on the Wall’, I still like her even when she is wearing super short shorts. In my opinion, the beginning of the end really happened when she debut her singles, ‘Can’t Be Tamed’. In this particular music video, Miley Cyrus was introduced as an exotic creature, a woman and bird hybrid, locked in a cage. The video was dark and the songstress was shown strutting herself in sexy clothing as well as heels. A rather symbolical song, Miley Cyrus is undeniably trying to portray herself as a sex symbol.

However, in ‘We Can’t Stop’, I believe the singer has gone to a whole new level of sexiness to a point whereby I think it is quite embarrassing and deplorable. Perhaps, I am too conventional or not ‘cool’ enough to enjoy this MTV. Where are the days when singers garner fans’ votes through their vocal ability and not by selling their bodies? The video just does not make any sense to me. Why will anyone blow smoke between their legs, literally eat $100 sandwiches, and kiss a doll wearing see-through swim wear in the pool? Miley is also seen groping many of the women in the video and joggling her bottom in front of the camera in a promiscuous manner.

I do not want to link all of the songstress problems to the downfall of her parents’ marriage. Right now, she needs stability in her life and this music video is not going to give her that. Although it is counterintuitive for me to blog about this and offer her more fame, I will like to point out how the music industry is failing. Is this really what the consumer wants? Sex appeal and materialism? I hate to admit this but I am getting too old. I wonder what is Liam’s opinion regarding Miley’s new music video and what will his parents think?

Check out Miley Cyrus’s new music video:


Top 3 sites for crowdfunding

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Crowdfunding is all the rage right now in the business world especially for new and young entrepreneurs. It is the new way for start-up businesses to get small investments from the general public who believe in the new company’s products and services. In the past, crowdfunding is more popularly known in the music or movie industry whereby performers and singers collect donations from their fan base to set up concerts, create albums or produce movies. Nowadays, entrepreneurs have taken advantage of this method not just to garner financial gains but also to immerse their new business ventures with first hand consumers’ support, involvement as well as marketability. Although the US government is still coming up with a JOBS Act legislation to make crowdfunding legal and safe for everybody, hundreds of websites have popped up all over the Internet to be a part of a possibly successful emerging trend. However, not all of them have the community to ensure the success of your campaigns. Therefore, this article will serve the purpose of listing down the top 3 sites for business crowdfunding.


If you are a new business owner, this is the perfect site to visit. Crowdfunder offers a platform for small businesses, tech start-ups, and social enterprises to raise money. The general public can contribute money to the company through 2 ways; donations or investments. One of the biggest draws of Crowdfunder is a localized crowdfunding program, CROWDFUNDx, to help develop a supportive environment outside from the Silicon Valley by connecting local investors with local entrepreneurs in order to guarantee a higher probability of success. Crowdfunder is also a front runner in this industry by being an active participant in the legislation of JOBS Act.


Having a strong hold in the Midwest market, Somolend is fast spreading across the country in helping small businesses to raise financial support. This site partners with local banks to provide debt-based investment funding in the form of loans to new and qualified business ventures. You can also involve friends and family members into the effort. Somolend is an active participant in the JOBS Act legislation.


If you want to start-up a tech company, this is the site you want to check out. Probably one of the most established sites out there, AngelList has been helping tech start-ups to procure investments that they need. However, in order to join this elite group, you will have to have a reputable investor already signed on and backing you up. If you are able to get in, the likelihood of your success is very high as AngelList will help you to gain the much needed momentum in the Silicon Valley. This site has a list of accredited institutions and investors who are more than willing to invest on tech start-up deals.

The 3 sites listed in this article may not be the most popular in the crowdfunding community but they sure are the most influential in the world of crowdfunding for businesses. You may want to do more research on the Internet in order to get a better idea. Other sites that support crowdfunding activities include Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Rocket Hub. However, they are more popularly used to support new artists, performers, hobbyist and charities.

Garcinia cambogia and weight loss

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Garcinia cambogia is a type of plant native to Southeast Asia, along the coastal of Kerala, India and Africa. It has thin skin and looked like a small pumpkin. Colors can vary from greenish, yellowish to red. At certain parts of the globe, Garcinia cambogia is also known as tamarind. However, they are totally two different species. Normally, the rind will be dried and cured for culinary purposes. After the drying and curing process, it will turn brown or black in color. Although this plant has been used for a long time, it is only recently scientists discover the weight loss property in Garcinia cambogia. Many believe it is one of the most effective weight loss agents available in the market today. Therefore, the first part of this article is going to explain the history and usage of Garcinia cambogia. Later, this article will delve into the effectiveness of using this plant in a weight loss program.

As mentioned earlier in this article, the dried rind from this plant is a common ingredient used in cooking especially in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and India. Culinary dishes such as curries are deemed to be incomplete without this ingredient. Besides that, it is also used in fish curing; a form of fish preservation by adding salt, sugar and other spices. Unknown to the modern world, Garcinia cambogia is used in Ayurvedic medicine by the Indian communities for centuries. It is considered to be a type of purgatives or laxative. The sour taste excreted from this plant is said to promote healthy digestion. Usually, it is served before meals in order to suppress appetite.

In recent years, society is searching for alternative methodology to lose weight due to the negative side effects of modern medicine. Usage of traditional treatments such as berries, herbs and spices has gained popularity among consumers. They are also known as superfoods. However, scientific research does not have conclusive results on the effectiveness of these superfoods including Garcinia cambogia. Nevertheless, experts cautiously believe they are safe to be consumed since they have been around for centuries. In the case of Garcinia cambogia, a natural ingredient call hydroxycitric acid or HCA is extracted from the rind of this plant. Researchers claim HCA helps to double or triple the effect of weight loss. It is also considered to be the cheapest herbal supplement on the market.

Garcinia cambogia works in two ways. The HCA extracted from this plant helps to block fat and curb hunger. When carbohydrates or sugar in our body is not used immediately, they are turned into fat. A component found in HCA stops an enzyme, citrate lyase, in your body from turning carbohydrate into fat. Therefore, when the process of making fat is slowed down, the production of bad cholesterols such as LDL and triglycerides decreases. This will eventually lead to weight loss. Apart from that, HCA also has the ability to increase the serotonin level in our bodies. Serotonin helps to make us feel good. It has been used in many antidepressant medications. Low level of serotonin makes a person feel anxious or depress. This is a very important factor for those who practices emotional eating. HCA helps emotional eaters to cope with stressful situations better. Eventually, you will begin to eat less and store up fat will be released from the body cells.

Famous spokespersons for Garcinia cambogia are Dr. Oz and Dr. Chen. They have conducted a research that shows the plant’s ability in promoting weight loss of up to 10 pounds per month without changes in diets and exercise. Besides acting as a fat blocker and increasing serotonin level in our body, HCA can also decrease belly fat, suppress appetite as well as manage stress hormone called Cortizol. Furthermore, Dr. Chen has also found an increment in lean muscles mass among the subjects who have participated in this program. Every pound of muscles will burn roughly 50 calories. This is another contributor to the success of Garcinia cambogia as a health supplement.

Due to the health benefits, inexpensive cost and effectiveness of this herbal supplement in weight loss, products containing this component have flooded the market. It is very confusing for the ordinary consumers. Many claim to work but do not produced the same outcome. Before buying, there are a few guidelines one can follow. The product must contain a few specific ingredients. First of all, check the bottle and make sure Garcinia cambogia is printed on it. Besides that, it should also consist of 50 percent hydroxycitric acid or HCA. The rest of the ingredients comprises of potassium and calcium that help to boost metabolism rate. Be extra cautious on products containing fillers, binders and artificial ingredients that will have an adverse effect on your weight loss.

There are no hard and fast rule on how much of this health supplement one should take. Prescriptions from doctors are not required. However, it should be taken cautiously and make sure you do not exceed the daily dosage of 1500 milligram. Generally, it is advisable to take Garcinia cambogia on an empty stomach. Take one tablet of 500 milligram 30 or 60 minutes before you have your food. This herbal supplement may not be suitable for everyone. Ladies who are pregnant and breastfeeding should stay away from taking this supplement. It is best to consult with your physician to know whether Garcinia cambogia is suitable for you especially for diabetic patients.

As with all herbal supplements, there are no guarantees that you will lose weight despite aggressive advertisings from various companies. It is smart to log onto the Internet and search for more information regarding Garcinia cambogia. You can also try reading reviews to find out what is the best product on the market. Everything has to be done moderately in life. Do not go overboard by thinking you can lose weight faster. Throwing caution to the wind, hepatotoxicity or liver toxicity has been found in supplements containing Garcinia cambogia.


Savings on your move

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Moving from one place to another can be a financial burden to many people especially if you are moving out of the country. Therefore, you should find ways to safe as much as possible wherever you can. Before the actual moving date, everything should be planned out systematically including getting price quotations as well as an estimate on the moving expenses. Without a checklist and proper planning, you will be shocked when you received the moving bills. Since it is already going to be a stressful event, you definitely do not want any added anxiety during this time. This article is going to list down a few useful tips on how you can save money on your moving expenses.

First and foremost, you can cut down on the moving cost by using affordable packing supplies. There is a wide selection of cheap packing supplies on the market. You can always buy them online where the prices are more competitive or you can also try asking a friend who has recently moved for their boxes. If asking is too much, buy the boxes from your friend for a cheaper price. Besides that, you should also use your creativity to find alternatives for bubble wraps. One good idea is to replace them with newspapers, tissue paper or newsletter. For other packing supplies such as tapes, do not just drop by any stationary store and grab one. Shop around in order to find the cheapest deals. You can also use linens, rugs, and blankets for padding instead of buying them from the moving company. However, you may incur extra cost when you send them for dry cleaning. So, remember to add them into your expenses as well.

Next, you can save labor by hiring professional movers. Check with them whether they have an arrangement whereby you pack yourself and they deliver the goods to the new destination. The rule of the thumb is to shop around and compare prices. Due to the competition, moving companies such as Low Cost Moving do offer reasonable prices for their services. Sometimes, they can significantly reduce your moving cost if you do not rush them to deliver immediately. These moving companies will consolidate your items with another customer in order to save money. So, you can consider this option if you can live without your items for a while. Another option is to request help from friends and family members if you want to do the moving by yourself. With that said, their service should not come free. It is common courtesy to treat them to a meal after the moving is done. Plus, you may have to volunteer to help them the next time they are moving. Weigh out your options carefully before making up your mind.

If you are moving far away, you need to plan where you are going to stay overnight as well. Consider picking up your phone and call one of your friends or family members whether it is convenient to bunk over at their place for one night. This way you will save money on hotels as well. Apart from that, you should also plan ahead on who is going to watch over the kids or pets when you are moving. So, take some time off well ahead of your moving date and plan everything out. This will save you from a lot of last minute pressure. Happy moving!

5 types of people you do NOT want at your wedding

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Wedding is the most important event in a woman’s life. Everybody wants a dream wedding with fantastic location, perfect weather and beautiful decorations. Unfortunately, weddings do not come cheap anymore. Planning one within your budget can be a tedious task. There are many things which you may not want to compromise when it comes to your dream wedding. However, knowing who you should invite can actually save you some money and migraines. This blog post is going to list down 5 types of people you do not want at your wedding.

Although this may sound harsh, the first group of people you should get rid of is ‘B listers’. They include individuals whom you think their attendances to your wedding are not that significant. Always remember that weddings are not reunions. Therefore, you do not have to invite someone whom you are close to during college and never kept in touch. Besides that, there is no obligation to invite a not-so-close friend just because she has invited you to her wedding.

The second type of people you do not want at your wedding is inappropriate relatives and friends. If they have the tendency to behave badly at parties, you should just cross their names out and avoid future troubles. Your wedding should be stress free and focusing around you not drunken fights.

Next, you should consider not inviting distant relatives. There is no reason for them to be on your guest list simply because both of you share a last name. No matter how much your parents or in-laws beg you to invite them, you should stand your ground and say no. Adding an extra person or two can be very expensive. If you are weighing your options between a friend and a distant relative, invite the friend.

Many brides-to-be wrestle with this one; whether you should add an extra seat for your single friends. Although you may want to be considerate, it is best to just leave the plus-ones out from your guest list. There are many other single individuals who will attend your wedding. Make it a place for the single to mingle and at the same time, cut some cost.

Finally, the fifth type of person you do not want to invite for your wedding is your boss. It is always a bad idea to mix business with pleasure. Forget about workplace etiquette, weddings should be intimate and personal. Take some time off to relax and enjoy.

How to fillet a fish with Japanese knife

Fish is the healthiest source of protein which you can find out there. If you want to start on a diet, eating lots of fish will help you to achieve your goal. As for me, I’m a fan of sushi to a point that I will long for it. There is a desire for me to grab a piece of salmon nigiri whenever I see one. In order for me to fulfill my cravings, I’ve learnt that knowing how to fillet a fish is really important and what better knives to use but my ever trusted Japanese knives. Regardless whether you like sushi or not, knowing how to fillet a fish is a very useful knowledge and you can savor some really fresh fish. Below is a guide for you:

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is learn how to choose a fresh fish. Your nose is the first body part that you will use. On contrary believe, a fresh fish does not have a fishy smell. Besides that, you should also take notice of the fish’s eyes. It should be black, clear and not sunken in. The eyes should be bulging out and follow the contour of the fish’s head. Next, there should be a nice shine to the skin color of the fish and the fin should appear as moist. There also should not be any patches of discoloration. Last but not least, the gills should be bright red.

Step 2: The next step is to descale the fish. You can use a scale brush, spoon or a steel wool for this task. Hold on to the head of the fish tightly and move the scale brush against the direction of the scales. You may want to wear an apron as this may get messy. In order to reduce the mess, you can submerge the fish in cold water and start descaling. This way the scales will float in the water. Make sure you clean the whole fish properly. When finish, the body of the fish should feel smooth.

Step 3: After that, you will need to remove the guts and gills from the fish. A good knife to use is Yanagi ba or ‘willow blade’ from your set of Japanese knives. It has the flexibility and sharpness to fillet any fish. You will start to cut shallowly into your fish starting from the anus to the jaw. Make sure you don’t cut it too deep. Then, use your finger to pull up the gill and cut the abdominal area from the jaw. Now, you can remove the gill arches by pulling it. Next, use your knife to cut whatever that is still attached to the chin of the fish. By doing so, you can then pull all the guts and gills from the fish. This may require a strong tug.

Step 4: The final step will be filleting the fish. Start by cutting shallowly from the original cut we have made for removing the gut but this time, do it from the anus to the tail. Make sure you cut on top of the ribs. Using your thumb, pull up the flesh until you can see the backbone. Keep on cutting until the whole side is detached from the back bone. Then, use your knife to remove the piece of fillet fish from the tail. Do the same on the other side. You can remove the part of the fillet that are contaminated by the guts.

Stay safe with microwave oven.

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The safety with microwave using has been an age old debate. Some experts will tell you that it’s safe while others will tell you that it isn’t. More often than not, consumers are always stuck in the middle. However, it is hard to deny the need for a microwave oven in our lives especially if you’re both working parents with little mouths to feed. I know for a fact that I can’t because I use it to reheat food every so often. Anyway, we’re not scientific researchers to investigate every nooks of the microwave oven to determine whether it is safe for our usage. Nevertheless, we can take precautionary steps to ensure our safety in the best way possible. So, here are a few tips that you may want to take notice.

First of all, after purchasing your new microwave oven, please read the instruction manual because inside the booklet, you will find a list of warnings which you should be aware of. I know that most of us will be too lazy to even flip through it. As for me, after looking at a few pages informing me of the microwave oven’s functions, I literally throw the book into a box. It has been sitting there and collecting dust.

The next step to stay safe is a no brainer. Buy only microwave ovens that have passed standard quality testing. Your safety is worth every penny and thus, invests in a good reliable one.

Besides that, always use containers that are proven to be microwave oven friendly. If you don’t, you will start to notice some plastics containers melting and even worst, harmful chemicals seeping into your food heading straight towards your body. You should also never wrap your food with aluminum foil.

Other than that, I will also like to introduce you to a term call superheating. Unfortunately, it is no super hero that will save your life. Superheating occurs when you use the microwave oven to boil water and it goes past the boiling point. Since the steam can’t escape, the surface tension builds up. With any tiny movement, the water will burst causing burning and scalding. If you try putting some coffee powder into the water, you’ll notice sudden foam of bubbles forming up quickly. They may look pretty but it is actually steam. Don’t even think about touching it.

While using the microwave oven, don’t stand too near it. You should be at least an arm’s length away to avoid any radiation. It is designed to release 5 mill watts per square centimeters that is approximately 2 inches. You should also always check your microwave oven for any cracks and the door is tightly sealed to prevent leakage. This is to avoid harmful radiation from your machine.

Finally, the correct position for your microwave oven is that your head should always be higher. You wouldn’t want any liquids to fall down your face due to the slip of a finger, do you?

Although using microwave oven may seem rather harmless and more like a child’s play, one can never be too careful. Just like everything in life, thread carefully or you will be burnt. No pun intended.

What to do with old air mattresses

Have you been using your air mattress for a couple of years now and feel like it’s time for a change or do you simply just want to replace your existing air mattress with a trendier one? Whatever is your reason, do not just throw it into your garbage. Your air mattress will just end up in a land fill and it will take years before it gets decompose.

If you are a fan of Mother Nature, you will not want to do that. I wish someone could have told me about the information I’m about to share with you. About 2 years ago, I also face the same predicament of what I should do with my old air mattress. Here are some ideas:-

Recycle: Alright, the first thing you can do is to recycle your old air mattress. It is the right thing to do and of course, you will feel good about it. I couldn’t stress how important it is to preserve the Earth. With a growing population, we are using an increasing amount of resources and throwing away tons of garbage. Look at our landfills. You can get a rough idea of our current situation. Besides saving the environment, recycling your old air mattress can also earn you some money. However, before you decide to recycle it, make sure you call your local recycling center whether do they take in old air mattresses.

Sell it: The next thing you can do is to sell your old air mattress if it is still in a moderately good condition. Not many people can afford to buy a brand new air mattress. Although it may take some work, you can at least gain some money to purchase your new bedding. There are several options on how you can sell it. First of all, you can try putting it up on Craiglist and see whether there is any progress. Otherwise, you can try listing it in your local newspaper. If all that come to an end, then, you can have a garage sale.

Donate it: Well, what can be more generous than to donate your old air mattress? However, do make sure that it still can be used. I’ve donated mine to a homeless shelter and I know that it will be put into good use. Do you know that they will turn away homeless people if they don’t have enough beds to go around? So, it is a wise decision to donate it to charity and tonight, you can sleep soundly knowing that there is one less homeless person on the street.

Reuse it: Finally, you can put your creativity into motion. I know that one of my husband’s friends uses his old air mattress as a canvass to cover the back of his truck. It’s an excellent idea. Besides that, if your old air mattress comes with layers of foam, you can actually cut it out and use it to stuff new pillows or even bean bags. Your living room will look livelier with a new complimentary bean bag from your old air mattress.

Microwave cooking tips

When I’m younger, it is always a scene watching my mother prepares a home-cooked meal using the conventional stove. Standing in the kitchen for hours and sweating profusely just to put some food into her children’s stomach. It is one of those experiences that I will never forget.

Nowadays, most working mothers will admit that they do not have the luxury of spending so much time just to prepare a meal anymore. This is where cooking with a microwave oven can come in handy. Believe it or not, you can use a microwave oven to prepare a full course meal and not just for reheating or defrosting food. By using a microwave oven, you can cut your cooking time in less than half and you don’t have to sweat it out. However, you do need to understand a few fundamental cooking tips while using a microwave oven.

The first step is for you to buy a weighing scale. By now, you should have realized that most microwave cooking involve you to know the exact weight of the food. Using a weighing scale will make your life easier and your cooking superb. The correct weight will automatically lead to the exact time it is needed to cook.

However, if you don’t have a weighing scale, there is a thumb rule which you can follow. 6 minutes per pound in 100% power will cook most food. If you are using lower power then you are required to cook the food longer. For example, 11 minutes for 50% power.

Besides that, the cooking utensils use in microwave cooking is extremely important. You will find that your food may not turn out like what you have expected although you have followed strictly to the cookbook. This is caused by the dish that you are using. If it’s stated in the book to use a rectangular dish, don’t use a round one. The outcome will surprise you.

While cooking dishes which require liquids, you can reduce the amount of water use by about one third because less evaporation happens in microwave cooking.

Other than that, your slicing techniques will be put to the test. To ensure even heating, you will need to cut your food into equal sizes and shapes. The arrangement is also important. Always remember to put the thicker part on the outside while the thinner part on the inside.

Besides that, you should also know that you can adjust the cooking power for your microwave oven. Try using a high setting or 100% power for beverages, vegetables, fish, grounded meat and poultry.  Meanwhile, medium-high setting or 70% power is perfect for simmering stews. As for baking bread, cakes and muffins, a medium setting of 50% power is sufficient.

Although it may sound troublesome but once, you get the hang of it, you will be able to enjoy the ease of cooking using a microwave oven. As the saying goes, ’Practice makes perfect’. Try thinking about the ease of cleaning when you can cook and serve from the same dish. Isn’t that wonderful?